Brutus and Pixie

I just found this last night. Thought I’d share. (But be warned if you go to the main comic website after this sampler - they’re all cute, but some are pretty heavy.)
Love the dog’s expressions.


I have a feeling if i go to the main website I’ll be sobbing in no time, right?

If you choose poorly, yes. And the titles are no help.
But even the tough ones are cute.
The story of the scars does have a trigger warning

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OK, just realized Pixie is a kitten not a puppy, loll.
Probably because i didn’t realize kittenz could be NICE! All of mine have been danger floofs ready to
attack on a moments notice.

Oh my gosh! They are adorable! :heart:

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Aaaand I’m in the rabbit hole.

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Nice find @PrintDriver ! But speaking of finding, where is the link to the rest of it???!

Here’s all of it, in order


Binged through it like it was Netflix! :smile:

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LOL, me too!

I’ve been reading through them today. I’m up to 48. Some are just so sweet :heart:

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