Build a creative logo for my website


I have design a logo for my website design but it not a much better so please need your suggestion to improve this logo.

here is website:

Thank You

Given that you are asking such an open-ended question, which in itself exposes your lack of understanding of the subject as a whole, it might, perhaps, be worth thinking about employing the services of a designer.

Logo design, in and of itself, is a bit meaningless and somewhat of a misnomer. It is only part of the story. If you treat it as a separate disciple from branding or identity, then it becomes little more than adornment.

However, the question I’m left wondering, mostly, is why you are selling logo design as a professional service, when you are asking us about how to design logos – and without any examples on your site. Ditto web animation services.

Probably not the answer you want to hear, but it is my honest, professional take, based what you have said and shown.


One thing you did not disclose:

What is your budget? It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get what you pay for.


Since logo design is a service you offer, why don’t you go with your own Startup Gold package and have 10 designers work on unlimited design concepts for you for AED 2250 (US $613)?


Here’s a quote from your website.

Here’s a quote from your post.

You have a team of “highly talented and experienced” logo designers with the “skills and expertise” to take businesses to “the next level,” yet here you are asking us for suggestions on how to design your own logo that you’re struggling with.

Do you see the irony and the problem?

I get it that designing one’s own logo is sometimes more difficult than designing logos for others. However, you have no examples on your website of any logos you (or your “team”) have designed, which makes me a little skeptical.

For what it’s worth, I think the logo you have now is perfect for the level of “skills and expertise” you’re apparently offering.


I think it’s safe to say this was pure SEO.

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Well, maybe this thread will show up when that business is googled.


I have $500 for that

Don’t get me started!

This has now become the new norm and is exactly the wrong way to go about building any sort of credible brand … no! … stop! … it’s far too early in the morning for a full-blown rant …

Maybe the OP has it right. Exploit the chumps that let themselves be exploited.
If 10 people want to work for free, whatever.
AI is going to be the next design hurdle. Buckle up.
Pro Designers today just have to rise above that level and seek out clients that understand the concept of ‘value.’

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You mean like this guy?

Speaking of design subscriptions :wink:

That guy, Brett, according to his website, is the sole designer and hires for specialty art only-and I’m assuming he pays them appropriately.
He doesn’t have a stable of willing chumps working for him.
Though I gotta wonder what his file handoff is
Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.49.19 AM

I believe Adobe is still in anti-trust lawsuits about its proposed purchase of Figma… If you can’t beat your competition, just swallow it whole.

Consult a qualified graphic designer who can make your vision a reality to produce a unique logo for your website.

The problem here is, the OP is touting to BE that qualified Graphic Designer…

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