Building a tool for A/B testing your designs


My name is Mike and I’m working on a small tool/website called designed to help graphic designers quickly test two versions of a design with fellow designers. When I design things, I tend to create lots of versions and then narrow down to just two. Once I’m down to two, I generally take screenshots and send them to my friends asking if they like “A” or “B” better. Upload, copy, paste, upload, copy, paste, and so on. I thought it would be useful to create a tool that facilitates the feedback collection process a bit better… hence “”

This is an early version, but I would very much appreciate any feedback / insights you have.
Here’s a clip of it in action: loom(dot)com/share/fa85ed896aab45c1820bcb8f886471b7 (Unable to post links)

Is this something you find useful?
Do you think there are areas in your workflow where this would help?
How do you narrow down your designs when you have many iterations?


I’m getting the following error when I hit the video’s play button.

I’ve also gone ahead and boosted your posting level to allow links. We have that turned off for new users to help inhibit spamming. By the way, welcome to the forum. :smile:

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