Building a website for my portfolio

Hello guys, i havent posted in a long looong time, i hope i am still welcomed here and can still get to learn from your reviews and criticism. I have been going through a whole lot mentally and physically, mad stressful but happy to still be able to express myself the best way i can and that through the creative mediums at my disposal. On to current issues, i have been really struggling with building a portfolio website, the main reason is i want to be an animator but my skillset isnt at the pace i want and i dont want to have the website up and not put works i like, right now i am trying to perfect my illustration skills and its a whole dofferent journey compared to animation, so please who could help me with advices on what to do because when clients ask for my portfolio and i direct them to instagram, deep down i feel like i let them down already. So please anyone with a quick advice?

I used webflow to build mine. That sped up the process considerably, because for me development was taking too long. Just to be clear, what’s your biggest bottleneck?

Is actually putting works, i want the main selling point or the unique selling point to be my animations and i am not yet a professional animator, i want to come out profressionally as an animator. I dont know if that makes sense?

So you want to put together a portfolio website selling yourself as a professional animator but you are not a professional animator and you are looking for advice on how to build a website to sell yourself as a professional animator even though, by your own admission, your animation skills are not where they need to be?

Is that an accurate summary?

If so, do you not see the problem? :man_shrugging:

Lol. Dude chill out. I obviously have other skillset, i said unique selling point as an animator but other design jobs come in that i work on. My concern is i would want to be known in the design community as an animator, so do i run a website showing my growth and when my growth starts to show would i not lose certain target audience, intrisic stuffs like that or do i run a website with the static designs i do now and when my skillset match the level i expect i then put them up and tag it rebranding?
I just need advice.

It’s the first Friday in fall, which happens to be my favorite season, so I am about as chill as you can get. I was just trying to get a handle on the situation.

This. You’re only as good as your weakest piece, so I wouldn’t put any animation work on your website until it is rock solid work and something you’re proud of an can sell. I’ve seen other designer’s websites where they throw up any and all work (animation, illustration, photography, painting, whatever). If the work isn’t any good — and more often than not, it isn’t — it brings the whole site down.

Solid. Thanks a lot