Building mockups easy to use for non-designers

Hi everyone!

I work for a merchandise company and 90% of my job consists in taking promotional products and branding them with clients logos.
I do it using Photoshop, and for more complex items (which can be a beauty cream set or a fully printable tumbler) I built myself good mockups on Photoshop that I can only open for a quicker work.

I am looking for a way to make these mockups available also for other people of my team who have zero graphic competences, but might need from time to time to do a product mockup themselves.

I have zero ideas on how to do something like this… I really hope someone of you will be able to give me some tip! Thank you very much!

It really pains me to suggest this since non-designers aren’t substitutes for actual designers. Even so, have you tried building these mockup templates for non-designers in Canva? From what I understand, Canva is intended to provide non-designers with design options that minimize their tendencies to create horrendously awful things.

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Hi dear, thank you very much for your quick answer!
Hahah I get your point! This case is quite different though. Since sometimes it is a need, I need to abilitate my colleagues to create product mockups (with means placing a brand logo on a photo of a promotional item - t-shirt, bottle, notebook, pen - making sure it is placed correctly and looks quite real as if it was a picture. In this case I do these mocks on photoshop but not everyone has the licence for it or the skills to use it.
For this use, Canva is not an option unfortunately.

ARe you looking to sell them as templates Like these?

T Shirt Mockup Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

10,331 Water Bottle Mockup Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

60,827 Pen Mockup Stock Photos and Images - 123RF

Or are you looking to set up a software internally so people in your shop can layout stuff onto your templates to show your clients your specific things? In that case you would need something a bit more sophisticated. Something like this maybe (note: I just found this online, I’m not promoting it as a solution, you determine that for yourself. Buyer beware, and all that.)

Hi dear, thank you for your exhaustive answer!

What I need is definitely more similar to the second option!
I would need to make my .psd mockups accessible to other people from my company, without them using Photoshop or any complex design system.

That was just one example. There are other options out there. And store-front client facing ones too.
I don’t think anyone here is doing what you’re describing, but you never know. Someone with more knowledge might pipe up.

I’ve created these systems before. One scenario was that the company had access to the background, icons, etc. and the text was preprogrammed in styles.

They would create their ad-hoc adverts - and insert a quantity and then 5 of 1 poster. 2 of another, 9 of another, 20 of an a5 and 500 A4s would be sent to a print shop.

We setup the design in the background. And hosted it, and linked it with the print shop.

They made the designs, didn’t come near us, and went directly to print.

Basically - you design the intitial template. And upload it to the online server.
Where you’ve controlled the editable fields, whether it’s an image, or a piece of text or whatever you want editable.

You can set controls for image px widths and heights so they can’t upload images too low resolution etc.

There’s reviews of all these services here

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Hey dear, thank you very much for your answer!
Your suggestion seems to be very similar to what I am looking for!

I’ll have a look at it and will let you know :smiley: