Burger King: Halloween Packaging Design

#BKursed packaging has a dark folk-tale meets being-stalked-by-a-murderous-ghoul vibe. Perfect for Halloween.

Design Agency: Jones Knowles Ritchie, New York, USA


Is this a for-real campaign?
I’ve run into the word “cursed” on a social media platform and in youtube chats recently. It seems to mean something, but I’ve yet to look it up. Recurring content, I think? I dunno if it’s particular to this group I joined, but I’m wondering BK’s intended meaning.

I kinda like it, though it reminds me of every Stephen King movie poster I’ve ever seen.

Yes, I believe it’s real work that was released in 2019.

I never saw this before … but it’s pretty neat … love the play on words for Halloween :smiley:

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