Business card concepts?

hello everyone
please I have two questions:
1- I am going to build my portfolio of business cards. I want to add different logos to the business cards for example 18 business cards. the problem is I am still can not create logos. I can create business cards only so what should I do? how can I add different logos to my business cards?

2- I heard about the word concepts I should show the client. what are the concepts of the business card? is it meant to fully design a business card for example 3 business card with his information then show him them? or what should I do at this step?

please help and many thanks in advance

If you are just making samples to show, you can always use (Logo here) or something like that. You wouldn’t have an actual logo anyway until you sell the format to the client.

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thanks so much for reply.
and what about the concepts I should show them?
are they fully design on the software? or just with a pen on a paper and I take picture of it with phone cam?

You might have identified the first good use I’ve ever encountered for those stock site logos that can be purchased but not actually used as real logos.

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thanks so much. that is a good idea.

and please what about the concepts I should show them?
are they fully design on the software? or just with a pen on a paper and I take picture of it with phone cam?

I understand this is the student forum, but I’m not sure what you are asking or what your project brief might be.

Business card concepts come after logo development and are made to be part of the brand experience. You don’t come up with concepts then drop a logo into them.

As for what you show the client, you sketch on paper until your hand falls off, then bring 2 or 3 of the best concepts to the computer and flesh them out, then present those 2 or 3 nearly fully production ready concepts to your client.

While you might show clients sketches at a preliminary meeting to show quick concepts…if you are just designing a business card for them, you cannot charge them enough to make any money on the card design if you spend an hour drawing for the client. You would show them computer finished layouts, with some expected small changes from the client on review. Business cards are just a small drop in the bucket in the overall view of Graphic Design.
Explore wider horizons.

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thanks for your comment
so if I had made a business card or even a logo, then I sent him it, then he can steal it?

Sure. Anyone can steal anything.
For approvals you send a low-resolution flattened pdf or jpg to show them concepts. A client isn’t likely to be able to open an Adobeware file to look at it.

But if you are a practicing designer, even doing “just business cards” (though not likely) everything is done under contract. A contract spells out exactly what your deliverables are, what the schedule for completion is and what is expected of the client in order to meet your due date. It is a legal document signed by both parties. Walking off with unpaidfor concepts is a breach of that contract. Depending on what it’s worth to you, it can be pursued in small claims court.

Logos are an entirely different matter. They are NOT just pretty pictures you whip up on a whim for any old client. They are the public face of your client’s new business, they are heavily researched, a lot of thought goes into them, there are trademark issues to consider and other depths I’m not going to go into here. Woe to the designer that designs poorly and lands their client in financial or legal trouble because of lack of research. Designers should need to carry malpractice insurance.

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thanks so much for your detailed reply. very helpful

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