Business Card Template?

I’m doing freelance hourly work for a gym company. They are going through an owner change and they wanted a redesign of their marketing materials since they have strong branding in-house and on social media, but never stick to it when it comes to printed and digital marketing materials. I’ve never done business card designs for an entire company as opposed to the core owner team, so usually typing in 5 names and their info for each business card is not an issue.

If I’ll be filling in 30+ staff’s info, what is the best way to go about this? Is there a form function or fill function of some type in indesign? Or would you send them the indesign file and have the printer do that work…:confused:

I wasn’t sure if this belonged in a different category but I’ll put it here until someone wants to me to move it.

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InDesign can do data merges, like from an excel file. :slight_smile:


Pixel has the right idea.

Of course your client must supply you the Excel File with each variable field in its own column. Otherwise if you have to spend your own time making the excel file, you might as well just typeset the cards in InDesign.

Quote your customer both ways, quote1 for your typesetting, quote2 for you syncing their excel file.

If this is not a skill that you currently have in your arsenal it’s definitely worth learning.


Thanks! It would definitely make things easier to understand that function. I’ll play around with it, now that I know it exists :joy:

Thank you for your help!!

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