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Literally just had a conversation with someone - then literally saw this video straight after… uncanny

Makes sense right :wink:

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Yes. This is why I almost never quote an hourly rate for clients. I might have a per-hour rate in mind that I want to make as I figure out how much to charge them, but I never mention that to the client.

Starting out, a new designer might take a week to design a brochure at XX per hour. After a few years of experience, that same designer might be five times as fast while producing much higher-quality work. Consequently, that designer might need to charge four or five times as much.

When a client chooses a designer based primarily on hourly rates, the lower rate of the inexperienced designer might seem attractive. What they don’t realize is that paying a highly experienced designer four or five times as much per hour might be more cost-effective since the experienced designer will get the job done much faster and produce better work.


Yes it’s important to realise the interaction you experience and pay for.

Fixed rate for the first 3 proofs, then hourly. You have to keep people sober.