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Hi there! We are working on creating a new page Buy Instagram followers. Here you can find useful reviews that highlight ratings of each service to help identify the best site to buy Instagram followers.

You might want to consider hiring a writer.

you misspelled belarusian hackers.
mr hairy arms is creepy!

who goes on these sites to look for a business solution?
I have a instagram account just to post pics of my cat and her cat mates to my family as an alternative to email. i don’t want to see hairy armed tripe fake salespeople while posting.
the site is difficult to use without a phone.

Mr. Hairy arms is a woman. Look at the way her shirt is buttoned.

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thanks for mansplain’n that for me!
these “get me rich quick” newbie post are sure entertaining!

back to the graphic:
“demographics about instagrams are crucial”
please, we go there just to see cats!

That sentence makes no sense. Reading through the ad itself leaves me equally confused. The writing is clumsy, ill-conceived, full of spelling mistakes and riddled with grammatical errors. Aside from that, why would anyone want to buy Instagram followers? I don’t get it. :neutral_face:

I’m guessing that English isn’t your native language, which is totally fine. Even so, when designing an ad using English, the English needs to be written well and make sense or it completely undercuts the effectiveness of whatever the ad is meant to accomplish. In this case, I’m not even sure what the ad is about or what it’s trying to convince the target audience to do. I’m not even sure it’s an ad. I really don’t know what it is.

DavidGod, Does God know you are using his name?


I’m intrigued. Who efficient are they?

Co[quote=“EB_comix, post:7, topic:12218, full:true”]
DavidGod, Does God know you are using his name?

Coincidentally, I was in a band once called Gods Named Dave

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Did you play the harp?

That would be Angels named Dave

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The sure do put the fish in efficient!

Isn’t buying Instagram followers fraudulent?

Couldn’t find a man pointing in the correct direction. This is as good as it gets.

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This ad expires in 296 days

Even the guy in the ad is laughing at the ad.

Yep. It breaks the rules of their TOS. They will spot it eventually and they fakes will be removed and you could very well be banned off the platform. So getting to the 10,000 follower sweet spot could end up being for nothing.

But, with any social media … some folks will do anything for a click and a like.

Just like Facebook or anything else you can spot a fake acct. or a troll a mile away. And also just like Facebook … Instagram will get around to pulling it when and if they aren’t making money from it … until then it doesn’t really seem to bother them … hmmm … I wonder why…


… and this is nothing if not entertaining!

Boy, the creepy internets vultures are picking at this website in full force today.
i guess the economy is good, or there is an epidemic going around and now one wants to make person to person sales calls nowadays.

I just realized the image is clickable and expands into a larger, very long image listing all sorts of things about Instagram (some of them disputable).

I’ll also say one good thing about the entire expanded ad or brochure (or whatever it is); it looks fairly nice.

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