Buying a willow tree logo

I’d love to buy this logo from whomever created this.
Thanks Joanna

Stock logos is gone.
If you didn’t get the artist’s name when you took the pinterest shot, and if they aren’t searchable by that name, you are probably SOL.

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Very nice logo design, how much it cost?

We’ve been here before with a Mallard logo - do all you can to trace the artist but if you are tempted to redraw, use this as inspiration rather than a template.

A quick search found this;

The people who did this think it’s OK to strip off the leaves and some other elements and pretend it’s original. It may be legal but its not OK.

Another quick search found similar tree designs by Nancy Carter Design, who did the mallard logo I mentioned. Small world.

I did also find that design, hoping to find the artist…

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