Buying New Laptop

I’m a beginning student in Graphic Designing. I want to buy a laptop and know your opinion. Acer Aspire 5 and its specifications are Ryzen 5 5500u processor, 8gb ram and 512gb ssd with no dedicated Graphic card. Is this laptop good for beginners?

That processor would likely struggle.
It depends on what your actual graphic ‘designing’ is - what software will you be running? What are you doing? Page layout, video editing, photo editing???

You’ll likely want a better processor (and not a U processor) as these tend to have a lower TDP which means that it can throttle the processing speeds.

You’ll likely need minimum 16gb of RAM.

And some software requires you to have a compatible graphics card to access certain features of the software - perhaps 3D modelling or some video editing apps.

If you are in this sphere of design then you’ll likely need 32gb RAM and a good video card.

You can start by letting us know what your ‘graphic designing’ entails - and what your budget is.

I wouldn’t get anything less than 32gb ram anyway these days. All the top line software is getting so bloated 16 is just handling it now. But my work requires I have several programs open at one time and using them to the max of their abilities. As a design student, your mileage will vary.

Well I’m an absolute beginners and my budget is very low. There is an another variant of this laptop with Ryzen 7 5700u and Ram can be upgraded to 24gb. But there is no dedicated graphic card.

You still haven’t answered any of the questions I asked or give your budget.
It’s impossible to help without this information.

I’m sorry for that. My budget is around 800$ and I need a laptop that can run all the Adobe application necessary for graphic design.

If I were you, I’d spend the entire $800, upgrade to 16 gigs of memory and, if possible, a faster processor. Eight gigs of memory are barely enough to open Adobe software programs, let alone two or three at a time, which is typically the case. It’s doable, but you’ll regret the slow-downs and always needing to shut down this or that in order to open up something else.

For $800.00 USD you’d be able to get a second hand machine with 16GB ram and an i7 processor. As someone to who is price conscious at the moment, I wouldn’t waste money on something lower-spec for the novelty of brand new.

If you look for it you can often find barely used machines at a fraction of their original purchase price - my 2c anyway.