Bye-bye to Twitter's bird logo (maybe)

Elon Musk says he wants to replace Twitter’s bird logo with an X. Of course, he says many half-baked things.

I finally canceled my Twitter account a couple of weeks ago. I never found Twitter very useful, so if Elon Musk wants to run the platform into the ground, I won’t be too upset.


I still think it’s his personal mission to do just that, or at least come very very close.
If it loses money, it’s a tax write off, right?


I’m looking forward to seeing the new logo, to see how they make an ‘X’ distinct from a ‘close window’ icon.


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Funny, I use Twitter to follow some sports, cooking, music, and scale modeling interests. By this time, it’s more out of habit than a matter of choosing the best platform for those pursuits; I have no way of knowing whether it’s the best way because I haven’t done any comparing. What I really wanted to say was that amidst all the talk of Musk buying, ruining, and burning down the thing, absolutely nothing I see has changed in any way that matters to me. I honestly have no idea what (seemingly) everyone is talking about.


It seems decided.

Yep :roll_eyes:

At this point, it’s all about a billionaire, not Twitter. WhatEVer…

Doesn’t affect me.
Bird. X. Bird. X
Doesn’t matter.

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Apple’s original X logo was so much swankier, and much more shiny. :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 9.42.05 AM

When did OS X launch? I remember what a big deal it was. Now, it seems like a distant memory … back when everyone used Garamond Condensed for everything because that’s the font Apple used.

Launched in 2001 according to Wikipedia.

You may return to discussing Twitter … or X … now.

The visual transit is pulled through casually:
Asks for logos. One pleases. The next day, 𝕏 everywhere, which has already been used for another brand. Also, it’s a pretty standard character.

The new Twitter/ logo is a mathematical double struck capital 𝕏 usually used to name number sets like real numbers ℝ or integers ℤ. I believe 𝕏 isn’t used yet for a number set. Its protectability is quite limited. Its unicode is U+1D54F


Shows the stupidity of crowdsourcing. :rofl:


Should have just gone with this and been done with it.


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As far as I can tell, he likes the symbol ‘X’ :grinning:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more ill-conceived and shoddy rebranding by a billion-dollar company. Then again, it’s certainly generated plenty of publicity for Twitter (or whatever it’s called now).

It’s rare for corporate brands to become so intertwined with everyday conversation that they become verbs. It’s rarer still for the owner of such a brand to announce plans to intentionally destroy it.

On Sunday, in the middle of a quiet summer weekend, Elon Musk decreed that Twitter’s product name would be changed to “X,” and that he is getting rid of the bird logo and all the associated words, including “tweet.” Musk’s move wiped out anywhere between $4 billion and $20 billion in value, according to analysts and brand agencies.

“It took 15-plus years to earn that much equity worldwide, so losing Twitter as a brand name is a significant financial hit,” said Steve Susi, director of brand communication at Siegel & Gale.

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I don’t care too much about the brand and if he loses his shirt on it, I won’t lose sleep for him. However to piss away the kind of money he seems to be doing makes me positively seethe. I have fairly strong views on whether individuals should be allowed to have that amount of money anyway.

The freedom to make so much money that you could bathe in champagne, daily (if one so chooses) is one thing, but to own the kind of wealth that can wipe out some countries’ national debts, eradicate horrific fatal diseases worldwide, or provide fresh water to the whole planet is a complete anathema to me.

This is made all the more stomach-churning for me, when that kind of wealth is spent pissing fuel into the atmosphere, pushing metal tubes into the sky, seemingly to satisfy some personal whim, or buy a reasonably successful tech company and wilfully send it in the opposite direction.

Bird? X? Who cares in the grand scheme of things. Except; for someone who made all that money in the first place, it seems a commercially suicidal approach – as all his dealings seem to have been with this, so far – and counter to what anyone with half a business brain knows about branding.

It’s all a bit unfathomable and sickening in its pathetic triviality, especially when you consider what those billions of wiped share price value dollars could have been used for.