Cafe catalog what size i must create it?

Hello guys , I want to make a price catalog for a shop, I want to know what is the normal size would be to make it okay to print it.


Printed? Whatever size you want it to be as long as it fits on the paper in an economical way.
What size are most of the catalogs you receive in the mail?

Or, since this is a cafe, maybe you mean a menu?
Again, whatever size fits on your print media in an economical way.
Talk to your printer.

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Yeah i talk about CAFE menu ,what is the usually size of menus?

There is no normal size for this kind of thing, but there are standard sizes for paper, like 8.5"x11" (North America) or A4 (most everywhere else).

So it really depend on what works best for the project at hand. If this is a quick, low-budget job that needs to be printed on an office desktop printer, standard-sized paper is probably needed.

On the other hand, if you’re sending this out to a commercial printer, these limitations do not usually apply (except sometimes at corner copy shops), so you can typically make the size match whatever works best. Even so, it’s often a good idea to ask the printer ahead of time to see if they have suggestions.

Ok , thank you very much guys !

Have a nice day !

Or it could be direct printed on rigid PVC and custom cut to shape.
Or laser etched on anodized aluminum
The options are endless.
(we just did a couple prototypes like that… :slight_smile: )

In order to keep costs down, ask a couple printers in your area for standard sizes they use most (cheapest) and film/paper/BOPP/material they keep in stock. If $ is no issue, do what PrintDriver said and go nuts with it!

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