Calendly's rebranding

Pentagram’s work always warrants respect, but their recent redo of Calendly’s logo leaves me wondering. If you’re unfamiliar with Calendly, they make and sell subscriptions to office scheduling software.

I like what Pentagram has done with Calendly’s overall branding. It’s playful, fun, and makes a mostly boring product look interesting.

However, at the heart of the rebranding effort is a new logo that looks exactly like a toilet seat. Beneath the seat is a bowl full of blue toilet cleaner and other miscellaneous items that pop in and out of view. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.


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And now I’m never going to be able to unsee a toilet seat LOL!


I saw a spanner that does not fit the screw.

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Toilet seats and spanners aside, my first impression was that there appear to be some pretty dubious curves in that C outline. Not the kind of OCD attention to detail you’d expect from Pentagram.

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This is why a client should never tick off their designer, maybe?

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