Calling Dibs!

I call dibs on this brand new island just off the coast of Hawaii!!!

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You could call it, “the Island of Peigi-Peigi”


OMG the Hudson Brothers! I haven’t thought about them in decades :smiley: LOL.

I used to love that show :wink: … and trivia for those that don’t know … Brother Bill was married to Goldie Hawn and they are the parents of Kate and Oliver Hudson :slight_smile:


Anyhoo … sorry for the off topic dabbling lol :smiley:

I’m all for a private island … anywhere lol :smiley:

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To this day, when bored, I still say, “It’s another boring day on the island of Peigi-Peigi.”
I wish they had more of them on Youtube. My favorite was the Tidal Wave.

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Like … you know … like copasetic to the max!

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