Can any body help to find the texure background..?

Hai to everybody…
I really love the texure background in this image. But I couldn’t find it on any stock image sites. Kindly help me to find it out.

You don’t show a really good picture there. But it looks like a beige camo pattern with a low opacity.
Try colorizing something like this:

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Hmmm…make it yourself.

In Photoshop with a blank canvas of appropriate size and resolution, set the background and foreground colors to the light and dark hues you want in the texture.
Run the Clouds filter.
Launch Filter Gallery and click the Sponge filter.
Start with a large Brush Size, low Definition, and a high Smoothness value, then adjust from there.
If it turns out too busy, reduce contrast with a Curves adjustment.
It could also be muted using a solid-color under-layer and blend modes, opacity adjustment, etc.

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To me, it looks like it is vector art, and it looks like it is trying to simulate a recycled paper background.

So how about one of these?


Thank you so much to all designers for your help…

I thought this looked a bit like parchment but looking closely it may be more like water stain patterns.

However I have the remains of a ream of A4 parchment (not real parchment just a paper imitation) that I still have a few sheets of. So I scanned three different sheets. Each sheet is unique in its patterning.

Since each sheet is unique the vendor of the paper does not own the copyright to the pattern and as I bought these sheets and scanned them myself I own the copyright. I hereby give permission for anyone to use these images for any purpose whatsoever commercial or otherwise.

The high resolution bitmap images are available if anyone is interested.

The paper is slightly translucent, the first two were scanned with a white background whilst the third one was scanned with a yellow sheet of paper behind it.

Hope this helps someone.


Thank you so much.

You can have the original bitmap images if you like. The files are quite large but they could then be converted into any format you like using something like Irfanview which is free or another program of your choosing. With Irfanview you can also lighten/darken the image and adjust the colours to suit your needs.

Just send me an e-mail address in a PM and I will send them to you if you want.

I couldn’t upload the originals to this website as they are ‘processed’ to reduce their size (understandable).

The same goes for anyone else who wants the images.

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Once again Thank you so much for your contribution towards the community.
this is my mail id.

Pretty darn sure it’s a camo pattern
contrast adjusted image

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After enlarging it, I think you’re right. It’s a camo pattern that’s been adjusted and toned to the color of cardboard or brown paper bag kraft paper.

Camo paper for those times when, you know, you don’t want anyone to be able to find your catalog.


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At the outdoor recreation magazine where I used to work, one of the writers was an avid outdoorsman. He brainlessly wrapped his 4-WD pickup truck with a camo pattern.

A few weeks later, he was t-boned by another vehicle while going through an intersection. The other driver said he didn’t see the truck because the writer had purposely camouflaged it.

Neither insurance company would pay for his totaled truck, claiming that he had engaged in gross negligence. He took them to court, but I never heard how it turned out.

If someone was t-boned at an intersection, one of the drivers failed to stop. Moving camo is not camo. But I guess lawyers gotta eat.

I wasn’t there, so I’m going on memories of the story he told us 20 years ago when he got back to work after a few days.

I think it was on a highway in a rural area where the stop signs only applied to the secondary road crossing the highway. Now that you mention it, though, I suspect the writer t-boned the car that had stopped at the stop sign, then pulled out in front of him instead of the other way around. I remember both vehicles being totaled, though and him saying he got to ride in an ambulance to a hospital to get checked out.

Okay, car accidents aren’t funny, but that’s kind of funny. (Hopefully, no one was hurt.)

Where can you even look for a cool background? Are there any programs?

Stock image websites are abundant.

And you can create your own in illustrator or photoshop, plenty of tutorials out there.