Can anyone assist with an After Effects effect?

I’m new to After Effects and know the basics but I’m trying to apply a glass shatter preset effect to an image and I’m really struggling, despite watching several tutorials online. I wondered if someone would be willing to screenshare and walk me through it? Can provide nominal compensation as a thank you.

Show us what you got - what’s going wrong - what tutorials?

Down with a cold and trying to catch up on my coursework, but I will post a video link to my conundrum as soon as I can. Many thanks.

Okay, finally. Here is a snippet of what I would like to edit:

Here is what I would like to do (I’ve watched several of these or read through ones).

Mine never quite seems to work. And as much as I’m all for teaching myself new tricks, I’m knees deep in a master’s program right now, so $20 to anyone who will do this for me, just this one.

I think I’ll save this project for another day. I’m going to do a different type of effect to show what I want to show. Another day…after my degree. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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