Can anyone help identify the Sakura Wars v logo

The logo for this game is for “Sakura Wars V”. I pretty sure the logo slightly edited version of a certain font, but Im having a hard time finding what is the unmodified version of the font used in the logo is. I tried sites like myfonts .com and likefont .com but got no where.

Can anyone help me out. That would be greatly appreciated

I’m thinking this is proprietary to the game makers. This is the logo for Sakura Wars - So Long My Love. It varies slightly to the Sakura Wars - Skyblazing Maidens. And it looks nothing like the straight up Sakura Wars.

That’s my best guess :wink:

I agree with RedKittie. There can be big time legal and financial consequences for ripping off or manipulating copyrighted logos. My advice: back off and save you skin.

Im not trying to rip off the logo for dome monetary project Im trying to make a russian version of the logo for fun, kind of like what if “Sakura Wars V” was released in russia. Trust me I have no intention of selling bootleg ps2 at flea markets

That’s good.