Can anyone identify top font? Thank you


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Optima and Gill Sans. Odd combination, it has to be said.

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Hey ‘Cherrywood’ reminds me of Iwata Souchou Pro Medium

A Japanese typeface?

I am not sure if its a Japanese typeface or not :sweat_smile: but if you type in Cherrywood using this font, it does look like the picture above imo.

It’s definitely Optima

How’s that web font ID thing working out? :upside_down_face:

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I’m not sure either what’s going on with Iwata Souchou Pro Medium. It appears to be a Japanese typeface from Monotype that also contains the full range of Western and Central European (Latin) characters. Oddly, the Latin glyphs it contains appear to be Optima — not something similar to Optima, but exactly Optima.



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