Can anyone recommend a good accountant for freelance designers?

I did a search for ‘accountant’ on this forum and didn’t find this answer, so posting here. I’m a Georgia/USA basedfreelance graphic/web designer, my longterm accountant has retired so I’m looking for a new one. Any suggestions are appreciated!

This for my annual tax returns, not for anything more frequent or involved than that.

I just use TurboTax to prepare and file my U.S. and state income taxes. For me it’s just easier and quicker than the hassle of an accountant. The hard part for me is getting everything organized, which I’d need to do with or without an accountant.

Who is your current accountant handing off to? Surely he/she has someone they can recommend.

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Thank you for the replies. I tried TurboTax but my accountant got me much better returns than I could on my own. I’m going to ask my accountant if he can refer anyone, but I’m also asking around to fellow freelancers in case they know of an accountant who’s worked with a lot of freelance designers.

There are several accountants out there who target freelance designers. One is Amy Northard. I don’t endorse her and can’t speak to her service. I just know of her.

There are a lot of licensing rules right now about where CPAs can practice (go figure, a profession that requires state licensing.)
While it’s up to them to sort themselves out on that matter, for business, I’d suggest finding someone in your state familiar with your state and county tax laws.

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