Can anyone suggest good premade cover sites?

Thanks. And I’ve never bought one before (I still haven’t given up on doing an original but I want to look at the premades anyway.), so do they all pretty much work the same? The thing I"m most concerned about is that the image will be re-used on somebody else’s cover.

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I have no idea, but most likely there are “stock” covers out there. You have to read the licensing. Then do a reverse image search. Because anything “stock” in book covers is likely to be in multiple places under multiple licensing. Maybe even slightly different designs using the same imagery.

You want something where you can buy it outright and it’s removed, not license it and someone else can use it. It’s called Exclusive Usage.

Personally? I wouldn’t risk it.

Thanks PrintDriver. From the little I know most premade places promise to use the image only once. once
but I’ve seen several instances of similar premade covers being out there.

Like any business, I’m sure some premade places have more integrity than others.

It isn’t even the premade places. It’s the premade sellers. I’ve seen instances of stock logos on multiple sites where at least one of the sites said it would be sold only once. That’s why I highly suggest you do a reverse image search using google AND Tineye. Google will usually hit more, but TinEye is a good back up to just run anyway. Sometimes the goog gets a little top heavy for its own good.

Thanks. I will do the reverse search and Tineye is new to me. I bookmarked it. I actually got burned once before. I put this cover into the KDP forum. All kinds of people liked it, but one guy said, “that image is all over the place.” He was right.

Or the premade place has an image of a guy and they basically flip it and say it’s a different cover.

If at all possible I’m not going to use a premade.

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