Can I make a living with my art?

I have been working 10 years as digital project manager in Paris, my dream is to become a fulltime (selfmade) calligrapher.

Tell me, is it too late?

Find below my project. Any advice welcome!

I don’t know what you mean by it being too late. Are you saying you’re too old to do it or that no one wants this sort of thing any longer?

This is a graphic design forum, and calligraphy is just different enough that we might not have anyone here with a lot of direct experience with it. I have, however, worked with some very talented calligraphers over the years, most of whom were older people who had a lifelong passion for it.

It’s a specialized niche skill, but I think there’s still a market and demand for it. The biggest problem, I think, might be marketing yourself successfully and letting those people who might have a project in mind know what you have to offer. Having the necessary skills and talents are rarely enough — it also takes the ability to attract clients.

My Godmother is a top notch caligrapher. She is old though and has been doing it pretty much all her life. She still accepts commissions, but from what I can gather she is quite picky about what work she takes on these days.

If you have, or could build, a good online presence and social media following, I’m sure you could get work.

By too late I mean I didn’t attend an art school and all my past experience had nothing to do with art, basically I am a total beginner in this field.
And you are right, marketing is key, but seems that there is no one best way to succeed…

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Wow, I’m so curious to see your Godmother’s work :smiley:

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I sent you a pm. :grinning:

It’s great when you’re good in calligraphy. I suppose being very active on social media might help. So many entrepreneurs do it that way. You’ll have to make so many videos and posts though. One video is not going to be enough. Being very present is important in order for people to see your work, though I don’t believe in social media alone. Using the right hashtags and sending emails to potential clients would be just as important. At least this is what I would do.