Can someone please help me convert INDD to PDF?

I do not have a licensed InDesign software on my computer, and I am having trouble opening an INDD file. I really appreciate someone who could help me here. Just opening the INDD file and export it as PDF. Thank you for your time, man.

I would not be comfortable doing that.

hi. may i know why?

Because you haven’t explained anything about why you need the pdf created, where the indd file came from, who designed it or produced it, and for what purpose? If you didn’t create the indd, do you even have any right to have a pdf from it?

If you’re a designer, you should be aware of design copyrights, and the fact that you asked for this, suggests to me that you may not be.

Basically, you’re assuming that professional designers will spend their time helping you with a request that may be ethically questionable.

Ok. thanks for explaining. maybe I should ask help privately.

You could post your request in the classified section, for paid help. :slight_smile:

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