Can someone please help me?

I am a web developer. I made a website that I absolutely love. And I use this beautiful blue color on it it (#007EFF), I used the same color to make my business cards and when I went to proof them it looks COMPLETELY wrong. I know it’s something I am doing as I am not a print designer, but surely someone has to be able to help me get the same RGB hex color to print on my business cards.

what you see on your monitor is not what your print will look like. Every monitor is different.

web (hex) is RGB
Print is CMYK.
There is a whole big section of RGB color that cannot be reproduced in CMYK inks, especially when sent to a company that gang runs business cards for cheap. Not saying you did that, but a place like that is just gonna push the button on whatever they get.

According to photoshop (and my eyes) that color is out of gamut for standard CMYK printing.
Pantone 2727c comes relatively close but is still grayer and duller, even for a spot ink mix.

If you provided a print vendor with a desktop inkjet printed swatch of what you want, they could probably match it. Will cost you a color matching charge. But if your desktop inkjet can’t do it, they probably can’t either.



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