Can we change the stroke transparency in AI?

Hey, I want to know that is there is the way to change the stroke transparency in Adobe Illustrator. I have searched it on the internet, but all internet shows that how to change the transparency of the fill not strokes.

You can change the opacity of both a fill and a stroke. The yellow stroke below is 100% yellow with an assigned opacity of 50%.

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Ah! What I meant by changing the opacity of stroke is that how can I change the shape of stroke opacity?. Like for instance I have created a rectangle and I want to change the opacity of the rectangle for that how I can do that.


This pallete is the most useful in Illustrator of all time

You can even add more strokes - more fills
Plus symbol at the bottom can duplicate and you can add more strokes/fills

There’s so many other things you can do with the Appearance panel.

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I did not know about multiple stroke feature thanks for letting me know about it.

Read all you can find about the Appearance panel. It’s Illustrator’s most powerful tool.


I see, thanks for the tip :+1: