Can you help me? Colors on my designs are changing.. (Inkscape)

Hi there,
I´m strugelling with an issue I just can´t solve. I´m learning basics of logo design now. Every time I send or transfer my logo from my HP Pavilion to any other computer or phone some colors changes.

I´m working on Inkscape and I save the logo in pdf and jpg. Both changes yellow and purple. I tried to transfer these files by cabel / flash disk / email / Messanger / WhatsApp. No difference. It always changes colors and it always looks how it should on my computer.

I guess it´s because of the way I save the files or it´s somewhere in the settings.

Thanks for any help!

Are you just ending up with a darker image or are the colors being changed to something completely different?

If it’s just darker …

@PrintDriver can give you a much better explanation … but your Monitor and your printed work will never look exactly the same. The monitor is viewed in RGB and emits light. A printer can’t print light and uses CMYK. That’s just a very basic explanation.

It’s Sunday and most folks are not back here until tomorrow. I’m sure more will chime in then.



It´s actually changing it lighter (kinda neon color). But not all of them. Some colors stay unchanged. I actually didn´t try to print it. This logo is made for web use.

Thanks for the reply. I´m not in big hurry :slight_smile:

Have you ever walked into a store that sells wide screen TVs?
Ever notice how the color differs on each model. Yeah…that’s what’s happening.

Are you saving the PDFs as a raster format or a vector format out of inkscape? And why are you using .jpg format?

I’m not familiar with Inkscape but guessing the answer to your color shift may lie in the profiles you are using in both instances. Are you working in an RGB profile? A specific monitor profile? Are you saving to the same profile or something else when going to the pdf or jpg format? If you are designing something strictly for web view, you should probably work in an sRGB format all the way through. It’s limited in gamut and still doesn’t translate to CMYK printing very well but it is usually well within the gamut of most monitors. I don’t recommend sRGB format for anything but web use.

You might also want to consider a .png for web use rather than .jpg.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “we only designed it for the web,” and how many times I’ve had to break the bad news to a client that their pretty monitor colors and low resolution raster effects are going to look completely different in print. I get that some “logos” like sigs or forum icons might only be seen online, but a lot of times, even something used on a space like Etsy wants to be printed on a T-shirt or banner…


Okay. I feel really stupid :sweat_smile:
I tryied .png. I changed from RGB to CMYK and the other way. But I didn´t check that specific color on different display. Thanks a lot! Now I can sleep peacefully.

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