Can't find which technique has been used to achieve this fluid effect

Hi guys,
I can’t figure out which technique/sw has been used to achieve this fluid effect.
It can be some 3d fluid by Maya/Houdini or an After Effect image.
I am lost. Do you have any idea? Maybe it’s a pixel sorting effect?

It looks like a combination of art brushes and texture filters. It could even be real paint. Imagine that.

It could indeed! Watercolor maybe, or acrylic or alcohol inks. On actual paper, even.

Looks like they dropped the medium on one half of a folded paper, then folded it over. Then did a little editing in Photoshop.

I’ve seen some computational fluid dynamics imaging studies with that sort of manifestation when coarse vibration is present.

First thing I thought of looking at the edges and the odd sharp peaks of colors was fractal art. If you do a google image search for this image it chooses the term Fractal Art. I found some similar art.

In their description of the stock you have the key search term fractal paint.

My guess is they are using a fractal generation application like Apophysis and layering the results to get a very intense end product. They could be layering the results in a paint application, or it is some paint application enhanced with a fractal paint plugin. Maybe looking for a fractal feature in known apps will get you closer.

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