Can't post

So I wrote a forum post and then realised I’d put it in the wrong sub-forum (or possibly no sub-forum at all).

I then accidentally deleted it with just one click as there appears to be no form of confirmation required when deleting.

Now I’m trying to posted it in the Graphic Design sub-forum (thankfully I’d copied the text originally) but am getting this, even though I deleted the original post:

Any ideas around this? This forum is great for discussions by my God the usability is awful

The usability is just fine.
Try waiting I think it’s 10 minutes to repost what you want to write.
It’s takes some time to cycle out the deleted one.
The reason for that message? Spammers come on here and try to post the same thing over and over again. It’s a tiny hassle to some people but nothing compared to the hassle of the spammers.

I particularly like this type of forum (as opposed to discord) because a return key is not an automatic post. Man, I’ve gotten into some trou-ble over there because of that.

If you continue to have issues, contact a moderator. They’re fairly active, except maybe a little less so on weekends.

I’m a moderator, but this is the first I’ve encountered anyone running into this particular problem. The forum software has lots of automated anti-spam features that are quite effective, but sometimes they interfere with legitimate posts.

As PrintDriver mentioned, if you deleted the post, there’s a built-in lag time. Why, I don’t know, but the software developers made it that way.

I have access to a post you deleted. Does it start with, “I’m happily freelancing at the minute, but once…”? If you can’t repost it, please let me know.

I’ve seen that message once, doing the exact same thing the OP did. Deleting a post, then trying to repost it.

I prefer this type of forum too as opposed to chat, but I find this particular forum software to be so horrible to use… even as I type this very message I’m feeling uneasy about the way the ‘new post’ form slides up from the bottom from the screen instead of just being on a new page

Anyway thats enough complaining from me :laughing:

Yes that’s the one! I’ll try to repost it now

Sure beats the old software where you learned to copy your post before hitting the reply button cuz you never knew if the thing was going to post or not. If it didn’t you could just paste and try again.
Ah, those were the days… :thinking:

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