Can't use/access font on indesign & photoshop

I am not a graphic designer rather someone in need of help! I need to use a specific font for my company’s branded content on adobe software however, no program can load the font on my windows computer, the font has been used before to create content although I think it was made on a Mac.
So, every time I try and edit a file it says the font cannot be found and replaces it with something similar - I’ve had our IT person look at it and they couldn’t figure it out so any advice is welcome!

Most fonts these days work without substitution on both platforms. It sounds like this is an older font which is OK, you can manually substitute the Windows version of the same font. You may be able to set this up automatically depending on the software you are using. You may see some movement like text reflowing so check carefully.

Okay thank you! Do you know how I would go about manually substituting the Windows version?

If I’m reading this correctly, you will have to find the font and install it.

I’m not quite clear on the problem you’re having.

Do you own copies of the Adobe applications used to create the work? If not, you’ll have larger problems than a missing font.

So let’s assume you do have those applications. Did the designer include the fonts with the files? A designer might not have included the fonts since it’s generally not legal to give purchased fonts to clients. If that’s the case, you’ll need to purchase the font(s) yourself. If they’re open-source fonts, they probably were (or should have been) included. Are you sure they’re not there and that you haven’t installed them?

They might also be Adobe fonts, which is sort of a special situation. Licensed owners of Adobe software have access to Adobe fonts, which can temporarily be used as needed. However, they can’t be packaged up into the final files. If this is the case, and assuming you have licensed copies of the Adobe apps, you’ll need to activate the fonts for your Adobe software on the Adobe fonts site.

There is no difference between Windows and Mac fonts — assuming they’re recent fonts. If they’re OTC or TTF fonts, they’ll work equally well on both platforms. If the designer used old Type 1 fonts, however (which isn’t all that common any longer), the Windows versions of those fonts are different from the Mac versions.

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