Canva / Adobe CC workflow suggestions

Hello everyone! I’m a designer on a comms & marketing team. Self-taught, and work exclusively in the Adobe ecosystem (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop).

My teammate, who manages social media, designs in Canva. And right now, we don’t have any good processes for collaborating, sharing resources and assets, etc… I’m just beginning to think through this topic, so I’m really open to anything. How do you collect, organize, make available? In either direction - Canva to Adobe or vice versa?

I think you will find most here do not use Canva. The professional standard are Adobe products. Some are just starting to use Affinity software. But, rarely have I heard anyone talking about Canva … in a good way :wink:

The graphics needs of social media managers are usually uncomplicated. Typically, they involve little more than a constant stream of new images — sometimes dressed up with graphics of one kind or another.

At my previous job, our social media manager used Canva and was primarily self-sufficient in producing what she needed using that platform. She wasn’t a graphic designer, so when she needed something that extended beyond what she could do herself using Canva’s canned solutions, she asked one of the designers on the team.

There were never any coordination problems in this arrangement. It didn’t require any special procedures to organize, collect, or manage. Playing it by ear as needs arose worked just fine for us. For that matter, it worked so well that I’m wondering about the problems you’re running into.

My experience with Canva is very limited. I just recently watched a course on it and started using it (as little as possible) for a client that insists some projects be done in it. They’re a marketing rep that sometimes designs ad concepts in Canva and then asks me to recreate them in all the sizes needed for a digital campaign. So far I don’t think there’s really any workflow for easily going from one to the other. I’ve tried downloading files as pdfs and svgs hoping I could pull apart the layers but usually just get garbage.
The one thing I’ve seen that I could recommend would be to connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account via the Uploads section. If you have a shared folder in one of those you could use it to share assets. My client at one point mentioned that she has Canva set to save her files automatically to Dropbox but I haven’t found that option.
Canva also has a Team option for sharing files that allow you and other team members to work on the same files in Canva. Probably not what you’re interested in, but it’s the only real collaborative tool I’ve noticed.