Canva-Appearing/Disappearing Text

Hey everyone! Brand new here. Just have one question about Canva: How can I make text appear and disappear without restarting the background video?

I’ve got three main layers to this video:

  1. Canva video element filling the background.

  2. Audio upload

  3. Transcription of the audio through text elements.

The problem:

I want the text to appear when it’s said in the audio, and then to disappear within a second or two after it’s said. I can achieve this by putting each text element in a separate page. Unfortunately, if I do this, the background video restarts with each page change. The same thing happens if I try to split the page that the video is in. Is there any way to just have a text element last for 2-5 seconds and disappear? Or to make the video run continuously through several pages?

Thank in any case and peace be with you!

Hi and welcome. You may be better off asking that question on a Canva-specific forum. Most of us here are professional designers and as such, will use the Adobe suite, as that is the industry standard. Canva is very much aimed at the hobbyist and amateur market.

You might be lucky, there maybe someone here who does know, but it might be worth looking elsewhere too, if you haven’t already.

Seems you have to create a separate video and attach it to the background
That’s how they did it here

Will give that a try, Smurf2 though I’ve given up and just made the test elements static. Thanks guys! Sorry to bug you.

What is Canva?


Online design studio aimed at amateur designers to self design what ever they want.