Canva Banner Sizing Help

Hi all,

I’ve made a banner on Canva that I want to be 96" x 48". I’ve designed it using the banner template, but just realized that the size specifications on that template are 72" x 36".

As you may know, Canva does not allow me to increase the width (or height) to my requirements. So I’m wondering when I send it it to printing & they take a print-out for 96" x 48" from this generated PDF document, will it be OK? Will all the elements be in the positions they are supposed to be? Or will it get messed up?

I checked the generated PDF file properties and it states the ‘Page Size: 72 x 36 inch’ which makes me think there will be a problem? I should have a PDF file that is of the dimensions that I require? If so, I’m not sure how I can do that with Canva.

I googled and found a Canva link that suggests you to lock the aspect ratio if you want a bigger than allowed size, but I’m not sure how that works / what they’re trying to say…

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’ll be surprised if the pro designers here know anything about Canva. Personally, I wouldn’t know Canva from cannabis.

You would have to instruct them to print it at 133.333% . . . and that won’t be exactly 96 x 48, so if your design requires bleed, you may have to adjust somewhat. The math isn’t complicated.

I know next to nothing about Canva; I’ve never used it for the reasons HotButton already mentioned.

However, the aspect ratio of 72"x36" is the same as 96"x48", which means, as HotButton also suggests, the printer could scale it up.

That said, scaling it up will cause the resolution of any raster (bitmapped) images in your file to decrease proportionately, which might or might not be a problem depending on the resolution you need. Do you know the resolution of any raster imagery in the original file? Does Canva provide information on those kinds of things?

On the other hand, if the imagery in the file is all vector data, you won’t need to concern yourself with it since vector data is scalable without losing resolution.

However, I’ve heard some nasty things about Canva-produced files from printers, so, for all I know, something will go wrong that wouldn’t go wrong in a file produced using more conventional tools. In addition, I’m assuming you’re working with a local printer who you can talk to about this kind of thing. If you’re shipping it off to VistaPrint or another online printer, whether or not they let you define output scaling, I have no idea.

Canva has its own print service.
Taking a Canva PDF anywhere else, you gets what you gets.
You can do lots of things wrong when setting up a pdf and any number of them will mess up resolution on enlargement.

Thanks folks for the help, I’ll follow up accordingly!