Canva help - images over two or more frames

Hi, if this isn’t the correct place to post please let me know where I can find information on using Canva - they don’t seem to have a forum and I’m likely to be waiting a long time before they respond to my email enquiry!

I wanted to use one photograph and make it extend beyond the ‘frame’ I am using in Canva (in this case, the triangle-shaped frame), but I am using several of these and want the same ONE image to span across the two or more different frames.

Is there any way to do this:

a) at all; and
b) with a free account (I’ve not upgraded to the paid account yet)?

I’ve attached an image roughly demonstrating what I mean.


I’m not allowed to post an image yet unfortunately to demonstrate what I mean.

The equivalent thing on InDesign is called ‘Compound Path’, which I don’t have and obviously don’t want to pay for if I’m just needing to do one thing.

Is there a way to do this on Canva, or any other free sites or apps?

That is a spam protection for the forum. I’ve bumped your status a tad so you can now post a pic :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: Awaiting a response - hopefully someone can help

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