Canva to KDP Print Document

I have a client who’s designed a workbook in Canva, and she’d like to print it through KDP. As it stands now, it’s around 50 pages though the final will be closer to 100. As the designer hired to do the interior layout design and the prepping for print, my first instinct would be to bring everything into InDesign, but I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience with outputting files from Canva for high-end printing in case it might save some time. If, as I suspect, it’s best to bring everything over into InDesign, would anyone here have any tips on the best way to do that to avoid lots of tedious copying and pasting? Thanks in advance for any help!

I don’t have a definitive answer as I’m not a Canva user, but you could try this…

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Thanks, Steve_O. I’ve found some other vids along those lines, but hadn’t seen that particular one yet.

I’m Not sure but you can try this!

To achieve high-quality printing with KDP for your client’s workbook designed in Canva, I recommend transitioning the project to Adobe InDesign. While Canva is a great tool for digital designs, InDesign offers better control for print layouts. Here is a step-by-step process to streamline the transition:

Export Images: Export all Canva pages as high-resolution images (PDF or PNG) for each page.
Layout Setup: Create an InDesign document with the appropriate page size and margins matching the workbook.
Master Pages: Set up master pages in InDesign with common elements like headers, footers, or page numbers. This will ensure consistency throughout the workbook.
Import Images: Place the exported Canva images into the InDesign document. You can use the “Place” command (Ctrl+D) and select all the images to import at once.
Text and Formatting: Manually copy and paste text from Canva to InDesign, ensuring correct formatting. You might need to recreate specific fonts and styles used in Canva.
Adjust Layout: Refine the layout, spacing, and alignment to fit the new page size. Make any necessary adjustments for the larger page count.
Check Bleeds: Ensure your document has appropriate bleed settings for KDP printing, typically 0.125 inches.
Export PDF: When you’re satisfied with the layout, export the final document as a high-quality print-ready PDF. Select “Press Quality” or similar settings for best results.
Proof and Review: Always review the PDF for any errors, missing elements, or layout issues before submitting to KDP.
Upload to KDP: Finally, upload the PDF to KDP, following their guidelines for proper setup, and order a physical proof copy to check the print quality.

While the transition from Canva to InDesign may require some effort, it ensures better control over the print-ready file, which is crucial for high-end printing with KDP.

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Why would you use a .png format to bring your Canva work into InDesign? To use as a template, then delete it after? .png typically isn’t a print format (though I get them every day lately.)

This is the answer. Stop all work in Canva Immediately and recreate in InDesign the pages already done. Make sure the client knows that this will be an extra cost and will require a new deadline. Explain to them that Canva should never have been used for this project in the first place. Finish the project in InDesign.

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