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Hello world. I’ve completed my undergraduate program in BA English. But i want to be graphic designer. What should i do? Should i do BDes or should i work on my portfolio and go straight for a job??


Graphic design is all about passion and creativity. if you wish to build a career in graphic design, you should understand the intricacies of the graphic design field in order to be able to identify your specialization within the graphic design field and to excel in your career. for more details, consider checking out this article:

Unfortunately Graphic Design is not all about passion and creativity. It’s more about being recognized as being able to communicate the client’s message effectively to their audience. While that may take a “creative” solution, it better darn well be grounded in some kind of demographic research and yes, sometimes even gut-level intuition. Not everyone has this type of creativity. Not everyone can come close to even developing it.

For some bizarre reason, Graphic Design is seen as some sort of means of expressing one’s artistic desires and get paid for it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have seen way, way too many student designers meandering their way through four years of self-directed student projects and making art that pleases themselves, only to get slapped in the face by the wet fish of reality that in the real world:
It’s not about YOUR art. It’s about selling the end clients’ message.

Sure sometimes creative methods have to be used to do that, but the truly ‘out there’ creative projects are very few and far between. You have to aim far higher than making pretty pictures and calling them logos or laying out business cards. Aim much higher than the bottom feeders on the crowdsource and template sites. If that’s all you want to do, save your money and your time. That arena is already too saturated with schlock. You can add to that steaming pile without any real effort involved.

If you want to ‘do art’ do it as a hobby. If you want to solve clients’ communication challenges, get the schooling and the experience to do it in a way that your client sees measurable ROI.


This was really helpful. Thankyou for your advice😄

I also have another doubt. Is it okay to have such a career change from literature to design?? Is that normal or is that not gonna be a very good choice down the road?

Anyone can have a career change from anything to anything.
Your problem is your degree will not be in the field in which you want to work. Yeah, you might have that BA, and you may get past the HR people, but you have no theory or skills, nor a portfolio that shows structured instruction (granted many college grads don’t.) If you do manage to get an interview, your lack of education will be immediately apparent.

What eloquence – Can I steal it?

I understand. So first, what i need to do is to get some PROPER training and education in order to build up my skills and portfolio.

Thank you so much for clearing up my doubts🤗

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Portfolio is extremely important as a graphic designer. In my experience, having a good portfolio is as good as having a good resume. So, that is one thing you must have. However, depending on your luck, you might land a job that accepts fresh graduate without relevant degree to design. You just need to nail the interview right.

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