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Hello everyone,

Im sad to say, that my parents don’t approve of graphic designing. All they see is business.
I am extremely sick now, depressed and full of anxiety. I been studying business as long as I can remember and its my biggest regret to this day.

I still want to choose graphic designing as a career. I am sure of that.
However, I don’t know how to move forward.
I took a course in GD but it was helpful to me because of the softwares, it helped me create a portfolio however its definitely not that good to get me an freelance job.
It would really help if someone would mentor me, or help me choose the next step in becoming a freelance graphic designer.

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Question: How old are you? I only ask because if you are under 20 I can see why having parental approval is a concern. If you are over that, then at some point you have to do what makes YOU happy. You can still love and respect your parents without living through them. Unless they are paying for your survival … you have to do you.

Next … you have a long road ahead of you before you can even think of going freelance. You need to absorb a lot more information and put it into practice before you can proceed. You need to get yourself into school either in physical form or start shopping around for online courses. Some folks here are self taught … but even so it’s taken them a good amount of time and lots of trial and error to get where they are. It won’t happen over night.

Here are a couple of good topics to have a look at.

Also we have a Student Forum where you can ask for expert advice and read about what other students are doing.

Hope that helps a little. I’m sure more will chime in as they come visit. This week a lot are off duty for the holidays :wink:

Good luck with everything :slight_smile:


If its absolutely what you want to do, then you need to have a serious talk with your folks. Come prepared with solid reasons WHY, and a good plan of action for your future.

However, don’t rule out other academic options. Graphics isn’t exactly the most profitable field in the world. If anything, it may very fall into one of the least. It’s extremely competitive, overly saturated, and takes quite some time to refine your skills.

I don’t blame you for not wanting to choose business. I couldn’t think of anything more boring.
However, perhaps you could minor in graphics and use your business skills to create a successful graphics business.

Or, become a nuclear physicist.

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