Cedar framework sign mockup

Looking for a better mock up of a sign like this with the post cap example. Prefer something straight on to get a better view of the sign. I’ve looked thru istock and a ton of mockup sites but wondering if any of you sign people have some resources you can point me to. FYI it’s just for mock ups for a client.
Cedar framework example
Post cap example

If I am understanding what you’re looking for, you could hammer this out in AI in just a few minutes.

I need to give them a realistic mock up of the new sign I’m designing in the cedar frame like above. Unfortunately an illustration won’t do.

You would have to do some color manipulation and photoshop the structure.

But the bones are there

@Smurf2 's image or one like this could be a starting point.

I think creating a fairly realistic mockup in Photoshop wouldn’t be too much trouble. It’s all right angles, especially from the front. Throw in some shadows/shading and pick up your wood texture and cedar coloring from another image and you should be able to come up with something fairly realistic for a comp in a pretty reasonable amount of time.

Luckily I needed a break from some monotonous work. Ha. Here’s an image that is even closer.

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Thanks for those @Smurf2 & @CraigB Very helpful! And yes a bit of photoshopping and I should be able to whip something up… Had my fingers crossed for a “sign” resource I may not have known about that I could just pop in my artwork (like a placeit sort of thing)

oohhh that’s a good one! Thanks for taking the time

@smacdesign Not a problem.

You definitely deserve some “ATTA-BOY’s” for your kindness. Way to go!

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