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I have accounts with numerous of sites like behance etc and hundreds of images for design inspirations. After a while it becomes confusing as to which pictures are where. I was wondering is there any platform out there than can bring them all into one place?

Thank You.

Look into Social Media Dashboards.

This has the feel of, “Oh look, I just found this social media dashboard” with spam link, either by the same poster or another new signup.

I’m not cynical. No, not at all.

Nope not at all. I did however check out what was posted and its not what i was looking for… if you do have any suggestions that would be much appreicated.

Are you saying you’re collecting low-res samples from the internet that you like and needing a way to store and file them?

Personally, I don’t do that, so I might not be the best person to answer.

Have you looked into sites like SmugMug, for example, that are mainly intended for photographers to file, categorize, assign keywords, share and sell their work. I see no reason why they wouldn’t work just as well for keeping track of design-inspiration images. These kinds of sites are set up to categorize images using keywords and meta data, which makes it easy to find things. Of course, these sites charge a subscription fee. If you’re looking for a free service, I don’t know what that might be.

A local storage/filing solution might be Adobe Lightroom, which is sort of a light-weight Photoshop aimed at photographers. In addition, though, it has great image filing capabilities, which enable photographers to keep track of and file the many thousands of images they typically have. If you’re an Adobe CC subscriber, you already have access to it. If not, it costs money.

Thought that was what Pinterest was for.

Yeah. It sounds like the OP might be collecting thousands of them to the point of exceeding Pinterest’s basic filing and categorization capabilities. I don’t know, though.

Back before the internet, when finding images wasn’t as easy as a Google search, illustrators I worked with would collect thousands of photo clippings from various placed then file them away for reference in in what we called a morgue. I’m guessing a digital version of this is what the OP might be doing.

Ah gone by the days when I’d walk about photographing and developing the photos to build a catalogue of images/textures etc.

Gone be the day of buying stock image disks.

Sound like they need some sort Digital Asset Library.

Dropbox free account could do that nicely - I’m there’s a plugin for the web browser to right click and save to dropbox or something.

With the internet, the days of photo morgues are over. Even keeping things in that fashion are a time waster when you can just type keywords into the internet search engine of your choice for instant gratification.
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If you are trying to upload your stock to multiple stock sites simultaneously there are apps such as StockSubmitter, MicroStockSubmitter, and Xpiks.

If you are looking to create a personal reference library… I have a local folder called Reference, and within that subfolders for various style genres. I keep tabs on my client’s peers and competitors and what they are doing and put images, pdfs and screen caps in those folders, and keyword them with Adobe Bridge during down times. Then I also use Bridge when I need to keyword search through all the files. So, I could run the keyword “concerts” and it will show me everything labeled with “concerts”, regardless of what folder it’s in… poster folder, ticket folder, badge folder, social folder, etc. Then from within the search return I can choose which images to add to a Bridge contact sheet, which is helpful if I want to repeatedly refer back to specific items.

I used to do that too, Mojo, but haven’t had time to do the upkeep in years now.
Bridge is a very useful thing.

Now that would be a real mess. Then again, there’s nothing like a fresh start. :worried:

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