Century Gothic Not Appearing Correctly


I’m currently building my website in Wordpress, largely using Elementor. I’m still to “officially” launch my brand and am at a little crossroads in terms of what font to use as a strapline in my logo and subsequent content around my brand.

Currently I’m using “Domus Titling” which is an Adobe stock font which I would need to purchase for commercial use and to be able to share with third party artworkers, printers etc.

I’m happy to change this to “Century Gothic”, as I thought it would give a similar appearance but be available to work with and widely used.

I’ve downloaded the “Use Any Font” plugin and uploaded the Century Gothic TTF file. Unfortunately it looks nothing like Century Gothic when I’m using it. So I feel like I’ve come up against a bit of a brick wall. Is this font typically difficult to work with?

I’ve attached some images as an example, one which is from InDesign using the fonts mentioned and one from a draft page of my site where I’m trying to use Century Gothic.

I’m still happy to use either font, but I want to use the one which is better and most accessible for use across all web and print.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


I don’t often use WordPress, and I’ve never used Elementor or the Use-Any-Font plugin. With a bit of digging, I found the Use-Any-Font plugin hasn’t been available since March 30. I don’t know whether this is related to the issue you’re having,.

You uploaded a .TTF file, which some browsers, such as IE, don’t support. TTF is primarily a print format. This plugin is supposed to convert uploaded fonts to the appropriate format. The standard, most common, and most widely supported formats for website use are WOFF and WOFF2.

Probably worth pointing out is that the licensing agreements for many fonts do not permit their use on the web without an extra licensing fee. These agreements sometimes also prohibit the conversion of one font format to another.

So assuming you have permission to convert the Century Gothic TTF font you have to WOFF or WOFF2, you might try converting it another way. A Google search will turn up plenty of websites that will do free conversions to WOFF and WOFF2 (for example, Font Squirrel). I don’t know whether or not the plugin you’re using is the problem, It’s worth trying another way if only to rule it in or out.

The example you posted is what a web browser does when a font isn’t available. In your case, it’s substituting Arial for Century Gothic. I don’t know why what you uploaded isn’t available. Perhaps you uploaded it the wrong way. Perhaps the Use-Any-Font plugin isn’t working correctly. Perhaps you used an inferior knock-off freebie version with problems instead of Monotype’s official version of Century Expanded. It could be almost anything. Try converting the font to WOFF2 using Font Squirrel to see if that works.