Ceramic or Porcelain?

I’m planning to renovate my kitchen wall and I want something attractive and fresh looking design but I’m confused about what is the best tiles to use ceramic or porcelain?

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Porcelain is easily the better material, although harder to cut and install if you’re doing it yourself consider ceramic tiles, as it’s easier to work with.
If getting a tiler to do it, then go with porcelain, they are more expensive but better for durability, etc.

Yeah, I always go on Graphic Design forums for all my kitchen remodeling needs…

Porcelain or ceramic, they both break if you throw a pan at them. Be sure of your aim.

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Feel like people can’t use search engines sometimes, and do a bit of re-search, pardon the punny. Anyway, I find it strange that people frequent forums instead of looking it up, or going to a tile shop, calling a tile shop, and asking them. Weird to come to a forum, when you can just ask the people directly.

Unless they are looking for custom printed tiles. Now on that I have an opinion, which ranges from “why?” to “don’t.” Well, don’t, unless you’re gonna buy the good ones. Big difference between cheap dye sub and true printed porcelain.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic, but I’m being pedantic.

I’m no expert and has been said, this is a graphic design forum, not an interior design or remodeling forum. That disclaimer out of the way (as in there’s no particular reason to take my word for it), porcelain is all but waterproof, which, depending on how it will be used in a kitchen, might make a difference. Glazed porcelain surfaces are not only waterproof (as in a bathroom toilet), they’re highly resistant to staining (although the grout probably won’t be). Its hardness and density also make it more difficult to cut and work with if this is a DIY project. Porcelain is also more expensive.

As for other ceramic tiles, it’s too big of a category to make many generalizations about. If you get unglazed tiles, they can soak up liquids and can stain easily. If you get glazed tiles, their surfaces can be about as impervious to water and staining as glazed porcelain. There’s probably a bigger variety to choose from too.

So which is best comes down to things like how and where the tiles will be used, how durable and stain resistant they need to be, ease of cutting, price and, what kind of look you want.

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Am building a deck, should I go with cedar or pine?

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