Challenge The Game: Graphic design logo game


I have decided to make a game!

Goal: To allow members to practice making a graphic design with random words.

How to play: Summit an entree and if you win choose the next words.

For an example:
Me: Diamonds in the Rough
Person 1: What they made.
Person 2: What they made.
Person 3: What they made.
I judge, winner Person 3 now you pick the following words.

Rules: Must have at least three entrees before it can be judged no max, however once judged new words will be picked.

I will start us off: Diamonds in the Rough

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Hey @LookingforHelp1 :wave: :smile:

We have been doing something similar for quite some time. Feel free to join in :slight_smile:

Too interactive. I don’t even have time for CD game anymore :frowning:

Yes this is similar but I wanted to do a logo one and not a CD one.
Thanks though :slight_smile:

I’m going to pass on this one. I don’t like designing logos — especially when it involves forcing type to do things it wasn’t meant to do. The CD cover game takes ten minutes. I could spend an hour on this one and still not come up with something I was willing to share. Maybe someone else will bite.