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Hello all,

I recently got a graphic design internship and my boss always asks for a flyer with 3 different dimensions. One for Facebook, Instagram, and Eventbrite. How can I make one flyer and make it compatible with all sites? I don’t want to stretch/ shrink the flyer it self because it would distort it. What I did recently was just basically redesign the flyer for each template, which was really tedious. Is there an easier way to have one design for all templates? Thank you!!!

Nope. But, really, it’s not all that difficult.

How do you go about it?

Copy. Paste. Doodle on paper. Re-configurate.

What layout programme are you using?

I use Photoshop. I want to avoid copy and pasting because then I would would have to shrink/ stretch element, which is time consuming and can distort the the whole image sometimes the composition as well.

Like for example if I were to have a graphic on a page in a potrait orientation, I would want to copy that exact graphic to a new template with a landscape orientation. Would I really have to redesign the whole poster to make it fit?

I’m afraid so. It’s just putting in the time. Can’t see it being overly problematic.

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Yes, but creating a layout that’s easily adapted to new sizes and aspect ratios is just another part of the design problem. It’s a pain, but if you plan for that from the beginning as one of the parameters of the problem, it shouldn’t require a redesign — just a reconfiguration.

… and you said that so eloquently.

Assuming you have Photoshop CC, you can use “Artboards” since the adaptations are digital (Facebook, Instagram and Eventbrite). You need to do some search in the web about the dimensions of those sites (Facebook alone have more than 5 dimensions) and when you set-up the artboards, just copy/paste and reorganize the elements.

I fount a tutorial of artboards in YouTube:

Yep. That is what you are getting paid for.

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