Change how Google fonts are displayed?

I have a problem with how Google displays their fonts.

The view is large squares… but I’d like to see them in a list format.

I could download all 800+, to see them in my font manager… but I don’t want to. I just want to scroll quickly through a displayed list.

Is it possible to change the display? Makin’ me crazy…

No way to change how to view the listings as far as I can see. All you can do is click on the search button (magnifying glass) and select a certain type so you don’t have to scroll through so many at once. That’s all I can think of.

Thanks, RedKittieKat, I think you’re right.

Looking at 3rd party options now, and Wordpress plugins.

Maddening! :rage:

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Well, here’s one solution. Chrome has a previewer extension. It’s in French, but oh well…


Well there ya go :smiley:

Looks like that will help :slight_smile:

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Suitcase fusion integrates with the Google fonts library, comes at a price though.

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