Change text in jpg image in corel draw

Hi to everyone here! I am new to designing. As I am in marketing field, I have to work on websites alone. There is jpg image. Our boss wants the image as such, but wordings/textual content found in image has to be changed. Can anyone advice any fast method to change the text alone in Corel draw or Photoshop whichever is easier.

Recreating it is likely to be the only feasible way. You may be able to comp out the text and redo the new text on a separate layer. It all depends on the image vs text and how much of the original image remains. Can you upload it, so we can see what is required. It is impossible to say without.

As an aside. Use Illustrator or Photoshop, rather than Corel. There is a reason PS and AI are the industry standards and go to for professionals.

You can’t edit text in a jpeg.

All you can do with this (can’t see it but here goes) is mask out / paint over / crop off the text and retype the new text. You can redo the text in Corel Draw or many other layout programs but editing out the text is best done in PhotoShop.

Text is not independent of the image in a jpeg file — it’s part of the image. The letters can’t be simply retyped. If you took a photo of, say, a sign on the side of a building, you obviously wouldn’t be able to retype the letters in the photo, right? Those letters would be part of the photo. In a jpeg, no matter how the words got into the photo, jpeging the photo caused those letters to be flattened into the image itself and they became part of the photo.

The only way around this is find the original photo without the type, then add new type or, as others have suggested, artistically paint or clone over the words that are there now, then type in the new text that you do want. Depending on the photo you’re working with, this will range from being fairly difficult to nearly impossible.

Jpeg is also using lossy compression. The explanation of what that means would be getting off the point, but the consequences of it are that each time a jpeg file is opened, saved, and reopened, the quality is degraded.

If you showed us the actual image, we could give you better advice, but what you’re proposing is generally not very workable.

Thanks for the responses dear. Since jpg image was difficult to work and my friend suggested to do in photoshop. But since I did not have psd file to edit, I had to give up the idea of changing textual content. I searched for new image and put wordings on top…, it was not so professional as I could not get the correct color to suit for the text that has to be added in the foreground. Waiting for my boss approval anyways.

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