Changing res to 2280x1080 without distortion

Hi guys.
I downloaded bunch of pictures from instagram profile and many of them are 1080x1080 but when I put them as wallpapers on my Note 10+ I get somehow distorted look (zoomed in).
I know it is not possible to switch to 2280 without distortion (my display resolution is 2280x1080 currently) but I just want whole image look as wallpaper on my phone and the normal width and height.
So what can I do to make pictures look “normal” as wallpaper on my cellphone?
I put them in their original resolution but as i wrote you,they look somehow zoomed in.

You have a square image and you need it to be oblong. The 2 options you have explored are zoom and stretch which give unsatisfactory results. A 3rd option is tiling. Repeat the pattern to fill the space. I’m not sure if that’s an option for wallpaper on your Note10+ but it is easily achieved with any number of photo apps and one of them is surely available for your device.

I have like 500 images,so I need to do that option for each image?

One other point, before you look for a practical solution to your problem; we’re they your images to download, ie off your Instagram profile, or did you just find them on Instagram? If so, it is highly likely you won’t have permission to use them – unless they are yours already, or you gained prior permission.

is that your solution?

I was simply pointing something out that is sometimes overlooked.

So, despite your sarcastic tone, even if it something that doesn’t apply to you, it may well be useful for someone else reading this post who doesn’t realise that copyright is an issue. Copyright infringement is endemic these days, with many people thinking that anything on the internet is a free-for-all.

So if you would like help, usually a little humility goes a long way.

In fairness the OP didn’t say anything about using the downloads for anything but his background image on his phone. So let’s not assume the worst :slight_smile:

500 of them?

Except, you are still not allowed to download copyright images even for personal use without permission, if it is someone else’s work.

Sorry, that came across a bit more blunt than I’d intended. I’d had ale! First Sunday evening in a pub for seven months with a particular friend. Feels like things are finally getting back to normal. Slowly, but getting there.

I envy you … no, downright jealous.

If you have a lot of images to process, you can automate that using professional software like PhotoShop. There may be phone software that does that, but you will need to do a search to find out. Most likely you will have to do them one by one though.

Why not use a free online bulk resizer.

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