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Hello, I’m going to relaunch my youtube channel in april 2023, the publications will arrive every month, but I intend not to activate the comments on the future videos, the one in 1 month.

It may sound silly, but I’m afraid it will take me too much time to read, reply to comments, put “likes”, hide comments, filter (for the future).
Now I have 35 subscribers, so I’m ok, but later it might get complicated.

I also created a video on “the doors of time”.

There are big youtubers with more than 100K subscribers.
Receive more than 600 comments per day, some of them take 2 hours per day to manage the influx of comments. (some have made a video explaining it, and it’s a small average of 2 hours).

In short, it already takes me at least 5mn to put a small comment on a video I like, so I don’t dare to imagine what it must be like if I have 30 questions per day.

I just put a dedicated email on the contact page, at first I wanted to put on each video that if it’s important, contact me by email, but I wouldn’t want to encourage them to do it either.

What do you think about this idea?

Why do you feel the need to answer each comment or question?
In all the instances where I’ve posted a comment on Youtube (and I do it a lot,) I can count on one hand the number of times the video poster has responded. Even with a ‘like.’ Nothing says you have to answer them all, or at all. At least that’s my take on the subject.

Allowing no comments is probably bad for business. Making an appearance of interacting with your subscribers goes a long way toward popularity. It’s the removal of spammers that takes time.
Just don’t let it all be a time suck.

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If you are certain you want to engage every comment, you can always hire the work out.

I follow a few channels that have comments turned off. They claim it doesn’t matter. It obviously ruffles a few feathers because they also say there are a few people who still try to contact them any other way they can find on social media :wink:

The basics as I understand things is clicking like or dislike has no effect on your channel at all … it’s the actual clicking they are looking for. Good or bad a click is engagement. Same with comments. A good comment or a bad comment is engagement. You absolutely do not have to answer every comment. Few do. I have seen creators go through and give likes to the first few comments and that’s it.

Thank you, I preferred to ask because I think I was going to do something stupid by disabling the comments.

I will therefore leave them activated, at worst, I would put the 30 best comments per video with a like, and all the other comments will be found below, I would probably not need to filter or hide.

Afterwards I could always deactivate the notification of new comments, so as not to be notified, if I start to receive them massively.

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