Character design style name

What’s the name of this character style? I would like to research more about it


I don’t know the name of the style, but you might be interested in the (award winning) 3d animations of Job, Joris & Marieke from the Netherlands. Their style have a lot of simularities in what you’re posting; the simplicity. Although Job, Joris and Marieke’s style has more humor and simplicity to it which makes it great.

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Awesome, I love their work

The styles that individual artists develop rarely have names. It makes researching similar-looking work difficult.

Looks a bit like a claymation figure similar to Wallace and Gromit.

try this pin
lol just skip the first image, looks a bit weird
this pin contains more detailed characters but maybe you can find something useful

They have some great characters :smiley: Love the Addams Family and recognized Ringo right away :smiley:

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