Chasing a payment again?!

Up until a year ago I was a freelance consultant for strategy & management for SMB’s. I’ve been exposed to many posts, threads and articles on this issue in addition to experiencing various late payments myself.
I decided to try to fix this twisted business norm by developing a third party platform for safe business engagements.

I’m looking to connect with fellow freelancers in the U.S to test the prototype and get feedback on the concept.

Hopefully with collaborative help, a product with real value can be created and freelancers won’t have to chase their hard earned wages anymore.

Anyone interested in contributing - feel free to like/comment and I’ll reach out:)

Is this a billing service or does it involve escrow or is it something else?

It involves transaction mediation and a certain form of escrow service to ensure sufficient pay.
We can take this conversation offline and elaborate freely if you wish :slight_smile:
Offline = private message lol

What’s to say about a good contract, vetting and receiving payment upfront would put a stopper to this service? Does it sound like this service is for people who want to work with just any client but are worried about flaking?

Its a good idea and I appreciate protection for the designer but I’m not sure clients would like another hurdle to jump through. Finding a competent graphic designer can be hard.

Which might be the very reason they might embrace a service like this — that is if it protected them from unfit designers while also protecting designers from unfit clients.

Then again, didn’t Upwork recently begin offering a similar service to freelancers who work with non-Upwork clients?

I think clients would benefit from cash flow convenience as they wouldn’t have to pay the whole amount upfront. Another benefit would be the 3rd party service that exempts them from certain admin work when outsourcing ad hoc work.

The idea is to provide protection from flaking so freelancers can work with any client they wish and maximize their potential. On the flip side, clients can work through a standardized service and know that a professional 3rd party is overseeing the process and ensuring top standards (most companies would rather grow and not flake lol).

I think that is a great point as well!

I’m not sure about Upwork, I’ll look that up:)

And of course there is “a cut” involved. Or rather, “service fee.”

Yes indeed.
The service fee would be substantially lower than marketplaces however… around 3-5%.

If any of you guys are interested in more info or would like to be a part of the design process feel free to reach out on LI (Michael Assor)

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