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Hello everyone. I have designed this logo for my bakery business. I am not a graphic designer, so i have not so much idea about logos designing. If you could give me feedback about what i can do to improve my logo it would be very helpful. Thanks and sorry for my english (i am argentinian).
Don jose nuevo logo png
Don jose nuevo logo
These are sample logos that i’ve designed in photoshop. I will design the final logo in illustrator in vector format.

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Angeloop, the work you’ve posted has several problems: lack of understanding when it comes to setting type, legibility, mixing styles, potential reproduction issues, crowding / spacing issues, reliance on cliches, and the use of what is likely clip art at best and copyrighted material at worst. My strong suggestion would be to hire a professional designer for something as important as a logo.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I agree with you, may the best i can do is get my logo designed by a professional designer.

That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. Good idea.

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